Reception and publication of articles in journal “Economic Profile” are carried out in accordance with rules and conditions presented here. By sending the article to the editor, the author gives his consent to making research papers publicly available, including on the Internet.

The articles published in journal are focused on the relevant aspects of economics and business administration theme, as well as reviews, memoirs, judgments.

The article received is sent to reviewer for peer review. The article is reviewed anonymously.  The article is assessed in accordance with the following criteria: consistency of the title of article with its content; urgency; novelty of research; practical bearing; selecting keywords; consistency of summary to the content; formulation of conclusions; quality of presentation. As a result of the review process, one the following decisions can be made on: publication of article; manuscript rejection or its returning to the author for revising. Rejected manuscripts will not be returned to the author.

Publication fees are applicable the flat price is 10 GEL per page. If manuscript was accepted by journal, the author should pay the mentioned fee to indicated accounts. Teaching staff and PhD students of Kutaisi University are granted with special favorable conditions.

One author’s copy of journal will be sent to the author by regular mail. The mailing costs are covered by the author. In case of stating the incorrect address or returning a postal item, the copy is stored in the editors’ office within 6 months.  Within this period, the author can take it out. After that time, the copy will not be available to the author.

Paper Formatting Requirements

  • Text editor – Microsoft Word (formulas –  Microsoft Office  package)
  • Page format – A4
  • Margins – 2 cm everywhere
  • Fonts – Sylfaen, Times New Roman, Arial
  • Font size – 12
  • Line spacing – 1,5
  • Layout – Portrait, no hyphenation and footnote
  • The text volume – maximum 15 pages (including summary and references).
  • The manuscript can be submitted in Georgian, English or Russian.
  • The submitted manuscript should be original and has not been published in the scientific literature previously.
  • Diagrams, tables and drawings – black-and-white, no internal coloring and color background. Hatch is allowed. All tables, diagrams and schemes should have headings and be numbered.
  • All references in the main text should be indicated in the following way: [1, p. 195], [3, p. 20; 7, p. 68], as it appears in the article.

The structure of paper

  • The scope of journal includes the following fields are as follows: economic theory and policy; industrial sector, municipal and regional economics; microeconomics; management and marketing; finance and investment; international economics; history of economic thought and economic science; Orthodoxy and economics; mathematical methods and econometrics; legal issues of economics and business; reviews, memoirs, judgments.
  • The title of paper – in Georgian, English and Russian.
  • The author’s (authors’) full name, surname, academic degree, position held – in Georgian, English and Russian.
  • The author’s (authors’) mailing address, including postcode, telephone, e-mail.
  • Brief summary in Georgian, English and Russian, which describes the main subject of the article, aim and results of the article. Also, here must be specified what kind of novelty the article contains. Summary should contain up 500-1000 words in each language.
  • Keywords in Georgian, English and Russian – 7-12 words in each language (separated by commas).
  • Main text
  • References should be formatted in accordance with the rules in place. The title of book is formatted in the following sequence: the author’s (authors’) surname and their initials, title of book, place of publication, publishing office, year, number of pages; for scientific journal article:  the author’s (authors’) surname and their initials, title of article; the name of journal, year, journal number.
  • List of references in English.

The manuscript formatted in violation of the above-listed requirements will not be considered for publication.