1. Kakha Gabelashvili – New Guidelines of Macroeconomic Policy
  2. Omar Mindadze – Violation of the Rules of Customs, Taxation and Excise Products Labeling as an Economic Crime and Basis to Launch its Investigation
  3. Lela Bakhtadze – The Problems of Financial Systems and Policies in Transition Economies
  4. Natela Vashakidze – Income Tax Cut – the Way of Restoration of Social Fund
  5. Lia Eliava – The Effects of Deflation on Banking Sector Activities in Georgia
  6. Naira Virsaladze – The Scope of Production in National Account System and Nonobserved Economy Scales in Gross Domestic Product
  7. Merab Baratashvili – Evaluation of Quality Indicators of the Construction Products
  8. Naira Virsaladze, Dali Chakhvashvili – Impact of Changes of Inflation and Consumers Prices on Incomes of the Population
  9. Dezdemona Maglakelidze – Aspects of Involvement of Employees in the Process of Design of Management Accounts and Control System
  10. Vazha Gurabanidze – Human Resources Strategic Management and Realization
  11. Nina Drokina – Assessment of Communication Systems Managerial Efficiency Level at Machine-Building Enterprises
  12. Goderdzi Shanidze – Measures of Improving Trade Management
  13. Nana Lukhutashvili, Maka Lukhutashvili – The Main Stages of the Development of the World Hotel Industry and Hotel Classification
  14. Dali Silagadze – Activities for Improving Business Environment
  15. Akaki Bakuradze – Investing in Health Care – the Source for Increasing Life Expectancy
  16. Tsitsino Davituliani – Geographical Aspects of the Global Information Space