We are happy to present a new Georgian economic journal published by Kutaisi University – one of the leading higher educational institutions in Georgia.

Every innovation is destined for opposition and often even skepticism. This is what happened with the journal. The idea of founding a scientific practical publication caused great debates and was viewed as a challenge. Lately it has become a common view (regrettably) that a new publication with the focus on economic issues, especially a serious scientific one, could only appear in the capital. Together with the founders we resolved to break this stereotype and the first issue of the journal was a daring attempt made to challenge the public opinion.

As you know, Georgian economists have access to very few national scientific practical journals, especially ones that are peer-reviewed, have international circulation, have a regularly up-dated website and meet all the required standards.

The focus of our publication is clearly and uncontroversially reflected in its title. However, it will not prevent us from depicting current events and processes in our society, encouraging young economists and giving floor to them.

Thanks to the economic profile of “Economic Profile” we are embarking on a serious task. Didn’t Max Planck, Nobel laureate in quantum physics admit once that he started his career in economics, but abandoned it because of its complexity? (However, on the other hand, Bertrand Russell, the pioneer of modern mathematical logic claimed that he gave up studying economic theory due to its simplicity).

Chief Editor:


Revaz Kakulia

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, member of the Academy of Economic Sciences  of Georgia

Responsible Editor:


Niko Chikhladze

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Doctor of Theology, Professor, member of the Academy of Economic Sciences  of Georgia

Members of the Editorial Board:


 Jakob Meskhia

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, President of the Academy of Economic Sciences  of Georgia

 avtandilsilagadze Avtandil Silagadze

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia

Doctors of Economic Sciences, Professors:

 evgeni baratashvili Evgeni Baratashvili
 basaria Revaz Basaria
 rezomanvelidze Revaz Manvelidze
 mekvabishvili Elguja Meqvabishvili
 gedevan xelaia Gedevan Khelaia
 giorgigavtadze Giorgi Gavtadze
 liaeliava Lia Eliava
 archvadzeioseb Ioseb Archvadze

Academic Doctors, Associate Professors:

 akaki bakuradze Akaki Bakuradze
 bakhtadze Lela Bakhtadze
 naira virsaladze Naira Virsaladze
 guram uflisashvili Guram Uflisashvili
 xatuna shalamberidze Khatuna Shalamberidze
 goderdzi_shanidze Goderdzi Shanidze
 vaja gurabanidze Vaja Gurabanidze

Foreign Members of the Editorial Board,  Professors:

 mashegov petr Petr Mashegov (Russia)
 sergei lukin Sergey Lukin (Belorus)
 turyanskaya Maria Turiyanskaya (Ukraine)



Kutaisi University