Economic Profile

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Category: Legal Problems of Economics and Business

Violation of the Rules of Customs, Taxation and Excise Products Labeling as an Economic Crime and Basis to Launch its Investigation

Omar Mindadze – Doctor of Juridical Science, Associated Professor of Akaki Tsereteli State University

Economic Profile N12, May  2013, pp  8-11 

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Wedding Ceremonies – Habits in Georgia

Nana Lukhutashvili – Doctor Of Technical, Kutaisi University Teacher

Economic Profile N10, February  2012, pp  44-48

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About Several Amendments to the Tax Code

Panteleimon Kldiashvili  – PhD  student of TSU, Assistant-Professor of  Kutaisi University

Desdemona Maglakelidze – Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor of  Kutaisi University

Economic Profile N 8, December  2010, pp 32-35 

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