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Category: History of Economic Thought and Economics

Historical Aspects of Studying the Connection Between Occurrences

Naira Virsaladze – Doctor of economics, Associated Professor of Kutaisi University and Akaki Tsereteli State University

Economic Profile N13, December  2013, pp 8-11

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Development of enterprise in Kutaisi province

Ramaz Namicheishvili – Candidate of Economic Sciences, President of Scientific Organization “Niko Nikoladze”

Economic Profile N1, July 2006, pp 17-23


Scientific study of natural resources province of Kutaisi its new management has showed the enormous possibilities of economic rebirth province aim Their realization, were created such institutional of formation, what were showed Caucasian Fillokserskiy Committee, Caucasian division Imperial Russian Society a Horticulture, Caucasian division producing silk station, Sakarskiy nursery, experienced of Kutaisi. Employees an institute developed the program of renovation of economic thinking of population and conducted selection functioning (working) the citrus trees, garden-melons, technical culture and tobacco plantings. As a result of this work appeared the new type tea production, citruses, tobacco. Qualitative renovation has suffered viticulture, wine-making, sericulture, bee keeping. There   is created broad system of rail-freight traffic, road and road of ground, reconstructed Batumskiy port and have build Potiyskiy port etc. Product of province leaved on foreign market. To 1913 population province in contrast with 1878 increased in 2 times, amount a factory and plants 2,5 times, production output 4,5 times, number of students 2,5 times. This success was reached by means of government regulation of economy and increasing an activity of population. Economy of province typed the velocity of industrial development.



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