Nana Lukhutashvili – Assistant- Professor of Kutaisi University

Maka Lukhutashvili – Teacher of Kutaisi University

Economic Profile N12, May  2013, pp  51-54


The hotel industry is directly related to tourism. Both of these areas are mutually influence each other. Although the hotel business is usually considered to be part of the tourism business. Tourism development has always influenced the development of the hotel industry. To get a good understanding of the problem of interdependence between the travel and hospitality business, it is important to get detailed understanding of these two areas, their development and organizational forms. Constantly, we are witnessing how tourism affects the development of the hotel business, and conversely, how the level of hospitality tourism depends. The purpose and objectives of the study are stages of historical development of the hotel industry, which track the milestones of world history of human civilization, the prerequisites for the qualitative and quantitative growth of the global hotel industry and classification of hotels. In the study the methods of analysis and comparison were used. In the hotel industry a great legacy, which at different times, in different external environment meeting the needs of consumers are gradually changing. The article describes the existing Georgia hotels of XVII-XIX centuries and their purpose. It is noted that the first hotels were already ancestor tourist complexes on the time relevant quantitative and qualitative levels of service delivery. The article says that the problem of classification of hotels is quite laborious because of their diversity, in turn caused by many types of tourism and travel, the corresponding specialization of tourism  accommodation, a variety of motives of travel, a significant difference of material well-traveling, as well as in view of the national, geographical, natural and other features. Currently there are more than 30 systems of classification of hotels. The most popular classification systems are the system of stars, the French national system, the letters-Greece, the system “crowns” – England. Today the trend in the hotel industry is aimed at expanding the range of services in hotels of different purposes.  Hotels are pioneers in the use of the latest advances in technology, new materials, new advanced information technology and computer systems and networks, booking and reservation sites. Modern hotel base becomes the basis of the XXI century tourism industry.



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